It's reality
Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:36pm

Nothing is staged. If you don't like it, watch staged reality TV, and if and when you come out to climb a 14er, you can begin with Capitol, like the seven people killed on it this season, who didn't know any better. Or you can close your eyes and hear the elevator music. Have you created or produced anything, or is criticize all you do?

Capitol Peak

Part of my intent is to capture and record this resource before it is gone. The popularity of climbing these mountains is epidemic, and the human impacts are changing them for the worse. Last year "the thing" was to haul up a summit sign with the peak name and altitude for the selfie. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands of them were left behind as litter. Stewards spent many days and great effort finding them and hauling them off. This year it is "friendship stones:" River rocks painted in bright colors, with the mountain name and altitude. Others are American flags, or smiley faces, and these are being left behind by the tens of thousands. Ruins the "wilderness" experience for everyone else who sees them.

There is some disconnect between conservation and conservatism you and they fail.

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    • It's reality — Pikes, Sat Sep 23 8:36pm
      • Yes, the scum! They leave theirPH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Sep 24 3:40pm
        garbage at the swimming holes, Broken beer bottles and plastic water bottles. LOw lifes. It's our culture. The Native Americans were far and away a more advanced culture if for no other reason than... more
      • Why on earth would anyone DO that? Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 23 10:13pm
        Anyone who wants to go out in the wilderness to experience, explore, or "conquer" it shouldn't think it's a good thing to destroy it by leaving their CRAP behind as if anyone else might want to see... more
        • Summits aren't signedPikes, Sun Sep 24 1:04am
          The USGS has a bench mark on each- a 5" circular disk with the coordinate designation and altitude for the exact survey site. You have to know exactly where the BM or VABM is. It is always on a... more
    • Someone who thinks there is no top velocityJeeves, Sat Sep 23 8:00pm
      Shouldn't be saying anything. Ya see, there was this guy named Albert Einstein. Turns out, there really IS a top velocity. Everyone but, apparently, YOU, knows this. That's why most of your posts get ... more