Summits aren't signed
Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:04am

The USGS has a bench mark on each- a 5" circular disk with the coordinate designation and altitude for the exact survey site. You have to know exactly where the BM or VABM is. It is always on a "permanent" rock that won't move, or erode. The CMC puts registers for climbers to sign, but registers aren't always there.

Peak baggers carry up signs because their game is to climb them all, as fast as possible. They can't tell one from another in the photos because they don't take time to learn or know them. It's a status symbol and a game to them. They don't know what they're doing, and the why is for many wrong reasons. I never thought I would live to see something like this. It is heartbreaking.

The VABM of Windom Peak is seen in this piece, at the 6:40 - 6:47

Senator Windom's Peak

Pikes Peak's VABM is located near the true summit, surrounded by the parking lot, in a pile of boulders most people ignore and avoid because it requires scrambling over boulders to reach, never knowing it is the true, real, highest point summit. You see the real summit and the VABM at the 18:44 - 19:36 mark. This is about 150 yards away from the summit house building. Pikes Peak has a cog railway, a highway, and two major trails all leading to the summit.


The sign where tourists pose for pictures is a good ten feet below the true summit, next to the building. (22:30 mark)

Many people were killed this summer on the Fourteeners. More will be, because these people don't understand these are real, big mountains with cliffs, rockfall, avalanches in winter, lightning in summer, Arctic weather conditions any time. Some "forgive" mistakes and others don't. There is already talk about "qualification" and "permits" to climb because of the number of deaths this year. Some legislative attention exists.

  • Why on earth would anyone DO that? Sia☺giah, Sat Sep 23 10:13pm
    Anyone who wants to go out in the wilderness to experience, explore, or "conquer" it shouldn't think it's a good thing to destroy it by leaving their CRAP behind as if anyone else might want to see... more
    • Summits aren't signed — Pikes, Sun Sep 24 1:04am
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