Sun Sep 24, 2017 1:11am

GOP Leadership in the 21st Century
2001 - 2009 was the era of WMD. Weapons of Mass Destruction.
2017 - 2021 is the era of WMM. War of Mental Midgets.

Kim name calls rivals and leads a population kept ignorant by design.
Trump name calls rivals and leads a population made ignorant by their own choice.
Neither lead a majority of adults in their nations.

The US once had a policy of no response, no acknowledgment and no negotiation with terrorists. Trump's amateurish demeanor and his appointed "liquor cabinet" undid that nicely. By response, he functions on the same level as Kim Jong Un.

Roughly 190 million American adults agree, best for Trump to not say a word about Kim. Not one word. Do not respond to or acknowledge the terrorist. Of course, be diligent and prepared, should the terrorist initiate a damaging physical provocation. Have ready a wide range of options, and implement them judiciously and prudently.

But Trump doesn't. His advisers warned him not to name call in the UN speech, but he did anyway. Virtually the only muscle Trump flexes is his mouth.