Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:03am

Trump for Wallace. Trump in place of Wallace. Trumpwallace. Resurrecting the ghost of Wallace. Conjuring, or channeling, although his crowd likes "resurrections."

Another "rally." The man's demeanor is so unpresidential, it is almost wholly unrecognizable as such. He is how a nightmare begins.

I am NOT a Trump follower. I didn't make the connection. Of course it is clear now. Kundgebung made it so.

The TJ, Trumpjugend who attend such things might as well be hostile foreigners. Their values and humanity are perverted beyond recognition. Evangelical embrace of Trump led by charlatans like Bakker, Osteen, Swaggart and Swaggart, and others is powerful evidence that either there truly is no god, or that god is dead, for we will not see goodness in a Trump kundgebung, or from the Trumpjugend. Truth will eventually prevail. But in Germany it took what? Twelve years and the death of fifty million people? The National American Social Workers Program. NASWP. Trump Workers American Social Program? TWASP? Year One of a multi year nightmare. The speed and silence by which the decay consumes is almost breathtaking.

  • I was alluding to Trump's kundgebung in AlabamaHeavyHemi, Sun Sep 24 2:33am
    Truly a cross section of Amer...er Trump supporters.
    • I had no problem with most of his commentary.PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 2:32pm
      The whiners who invoke the race card by kneeling for the National Anthem should be chastised. These very well paid wealthy athletes are remunerated to play, not to use their pisitions as sports heros ... more
      • At least until the Russian takeover of the USA is complete.
        • Yeah, and I exercise it.PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 3:50pm
          But, I also use some discretion. Like when it's appropriate or not under certain circumstances. Nor did I suggest they should not exercise their right. But it bad form what they did and are doing.... more
          • That's your opinion...Truthteller, Sun Sep 24 3:54pm
            aren't you glad you live in a FREE country where you can voice it? And aren't you glad that the NFL and others ALSO have that freedom?
            • Yes, it IS my opinion.PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 4:08pm
              And yes, so far so good, the burgeoning police state has yet to make a move on opinion publicly stated. Takes time to collect and collate. Use it or lose it. It's not the NFL is it? But individual... more
    • Oh! — Pikes, Sun Sep 24 8:03am
      • Nor am I a Trumpster.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sun Sep 24 2:44pm
        I tend to be a nationalist. But that does not preclude me from seeing the reality of just how insane this is, and it's going to be a global catastrophe. I do not believe it can be stopped. The... more