Robot Space Yeti Zombie
The Ladies.
Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:47am

Plenty women working in IT. From my experience (and I have a lot of experience) the majority of team leads and project managers are women.

Also, in my experience, women in the industry tend to be more methodical, organized, and rational than the guys. The women also tend to be less prone to erratic emotional outbursts than the guys. For some reason IT seems to attract guys with a seriously atrophied capacity to deal with mundane, everyday crap.

I'm also no 'Feminist' who patronizes women with'gosh, aren't YOU doing a terrific job. You're EVERY BIT as good as the fellas!"To be honest, that sort of nonsense gets on my nipples. I'm calling it exactly as it is.

I've yet to meet a woman who could deck me, beat me at arm-wrestling, or lift a car onto two wheels, though.

Not much call for that particular skill set in IT, of course.

  • Where are all the women?Ex-News Junkie, Sat Sep 23 9:58am
    As every feminist knows, 99.9999999% of all women want to be computer programmers. This is the "truth" (or something). So, where are all the women?
    • The Ladies. — Robot Space Yeti Zombie, Sun Sep 24 11:47am
    • Tension of lifePikes, Sat Sep 23 12:54pm
      During WWII when the men were off fighting, to conserve rapidly depleting metals for armaments, women were trained and hired to do the calculus equations necessary for accurate bombing runs that... more