You seem to have some confusion in your thought process.
Sun Sep 24, 2017 2:07pm

The NK regime in those 60 years have attacked which nations? They have been isolated by US policies. Has the US Ber. On a war footin for 60 years? Yes. And the war national emergency document has yet to be rescinded. It takes two to tangle. Let us not allow the rhetoric to end up with a war that destroys 25,000,000 NKs. And why temp fate with our sexy coat being nuked. This entire debacle is insane! Negotiate! That is if those who pulled off the 9-11 coup and who are entrenched in the policy decisions will allow for negotiations. I recently read that Kim has offered to sit down and talk it out. Who or what is preventing that? What was that Axis of Evil, the Bush Regime's trendy slogan? Who was labeled as enemies OF ISRAEL? NK, SYRIA, IRAN. I believe that was the grouping. One might as well add RUSSIA (GOG), Afghsnistan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Hmmmm..... I also read that NK has been providing technical expertise to Iran and Syria. I fervently hope this Babylonian nation does not allow Zionist Israel-Firsters who control the national levers of power to put this nation and 330,000,000 of us into a nuclear cross hair. It's ALL about Israel, oil, and gas pipelines and poppy fields forever). And we have been witness to a foreign policy blunder that is still infinite. The nation is bankrupt on every level. When will Babylon's people wake up to what is occurring??

  • North Korea has not ceased hostilities in over 60 yearsEx-News Junkie, Sun Sep 24 10:30am
    despite the armistice agreement in 1953, and despite all the diplomatic efforts of surrounding countries since then they have continued to pursue nuclear weapons technology, openly whenever they... more
    • You seem to have some confusion in your thought process. — PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 2:07pm
      • will NEVER be negotiated. Why would he ever give them up considering that he firmly believes that his nukes are the only reason he is still alive and in power ?? He has repeatedly threatened his... more
        • Pakistan's missles are going farther.PH💀💀EY, Sun Sep 24 8:24pm
          India's missles go farther. Israel's missles go farther. China's missles go farther. Why not Kim's? He wants security. And he cannot have that without nukes and missiles. So sit down and negotiate.... more
          • give up his nukes. If he does, he figures that he's toast, so it's NOT gonna happen. What else is there to negotiate without conceding that he's got them and is planning to keep them (which no one... more
            • So, it's a fait accompli.PH🙂🙂EY, Mon Sep 25 7:57am
              Let him keep his nukes. Bring NK into the 21st century. China did join the world. The reality is this nation failed to resolve the situation long ago. There was a war. Still no peace treaty. And I... more
              • LIS, negotiate WHAT?Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 26 12:36am
                to let him keep his nukes? and then what? He threatens to USE them, THAT'S the problem. Are you suggesting that the USA (and the world) all agree to just ignore his nuclear program and remove all of... more
                • Yep, give him what he wants.PH💀💀EY, Tue Sep 26 9:51am
                  I think we are receiving a lopsided picture of the realities. There have been a number of proposals by both China and Russia to cool the rhetoric. The US has nixed them. I would think that if Russia... more
          • I dunno maybe the world police needs to wrestle this mofoEx-News Junkie, Sun Sep 24 8:32pm
            to the ground, drag him in front of the UN General Assembly and force him to apologize for being a dick. NK isn't doing anything to improve the state of the world. Absolutely nothing.
      • Haha: sexy coat should read 'west coast':-) (nm)Correction, Sun Sep 24 2:08pm