Yeah, and I exercise it.
Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:50pm

But, I also use some discretion. Like when it's appropriate or not under certain circumstances. Nor did I suggest they should not exercise their right. But it bad form what they did and are doing. They ought to put a cork in it. There is no proof the Russians are taking over. But lots of clear indications the Israelis have. One is not standing with President Trump. Presidents come and go. One stands out of respect for our national family's heraldic anthem. It's the glue that binds identity as an entity among the global nations.

  • At least until the Russian takeover of the USA is complete.
    • Yeah, and I exercise it. — PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 3:50pm
      • That's your opinion...Truthteller, Sun Sep 24 3:54pm
        aren't you glad you live in a FREE country where you can voice it? And aren't you glad that the NFL and others ALSO have that freedom?
        • Yes, it IS my opinion.PH👻👻EY, Sun Sep 24 4:08pm
          And yes, so far so good, the burgeoning police state has yet to make a move on opinion publicly stated. Takes time to collect and collate. Use it or lose it. It's not the NFL is it? But individual... more