It's easy.
Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:47am

I use a large cooler that stays out on the work porch, north side. In the summer I get ice every few days from a market. And it's very easy to keep clean and organized. During the winter it's cool enough that most items are stored in a porch pantry. The cooler is for cocktail ice and meat. The summer is more of a challenge so the cooler has a "blanket" for insulation. Currently it's cool enough on that porch to keep most things in the pantry. Drinking water is no problem. There is a well from which a small gas pump pushed it from a holding tank up to other hidden holding tanks. Once a month or so. I use a large stainless steel Berkey water filter at the house. It sits in the kitchen. Water is pumped from time to time into a holding g tank behind the house. When I need house water and to refill the kitchen water bucket or the water filter, I simply go outside and dip. There are four five gallon metal buckets on the work porch for house water. And one inside with a dipper. I use the filtered water for drinking and washing veggies, etc. The rest is for dishes and general needs. To clean the house, I turn on the generator and vacuum. And manually dust and wash windows, etc. No problema. For washing dishes, I have large stainless steel pans that hang on the work porch walls, along with other enamel pails and assorted sizes for various needs. Every few days I wash up silverware and glasses. Unless I have guests, I use good quality paper plates. I do use cloth napkins and glass glasses. Can't abide anything plastic. Shower outside in the summer months using hot water from a large holding tank. Me and the bees. When it cools due to clouds and winter, every few days I use the work porch to bath in a large galvinized round tub. I place a metal stool in the center and have a five gallon bucket of hot water from the wood stove. It's quite nice and a joy to do. For general hygiene, just like the Victorians, I have a round basin to one side in the kitchen next to the house water bucket. There are several large antique brass towel racks and there I can splash my face, or hands, or wash up with soap. The bowl is carried to the outside and flung with vigor out into the yard. I have no closets. My clothes are folded and placed in organized fashion into a number of large antique dressers. Every month or so I have a laundry do my wash. It's well worth it. Soiled laundry is kept in a large metal can with secure top outside behind the house. There too are a number of large metal fans for recycling most of the plastics, bottles and cans. The guest cabin does have a sink🙂. I live in a sort of time warp in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. Most all my furniture and kitchen items are antique. Some furniture is colonial. Some Victorian, and of course a TV and tuner, turn table, disc player. While this lifestyle might seem "severe", it's not. It's a joy. I could reside anywhere and live a thoroughly modern life. But I choose this because the modern world drives me crazy with all the noise and crowds and pollution. This is my Hermitage. Oh yeah, the lack of "conveniences" is what keeps me healthy. But it is realized, to use the cliche, no man is an island. Not anymore. We are interdependent no matter where we reside.

  • food cold, shower, get drinking water, and clean the place without indoor plumbing? I get that you have an outhouse but the other stuff, HOW do you manage them so easily as you're suggesting?
    • It's easy. — PH🌈🌈EY, Mon Sep 25 7:47am
      • live there on your own? There does come a point where it becomes impossible to manage on your own if the slightest thing goes wrong a/o it becomes too difficult to manage. Things get heavier, bodies... more
        • That question is on my mind.PH😰🙂EY, Mon Sep 25 3:02pm
          But so far so good. No prescriptions. My tactic is to slow down and do less time on each daily chore. Take a more time on each. Spread out the load. For instance, I could put my firewood away in the... more
          • doing all of those critical chores, what is the plan? Do you sell your place and move to an easier lifestyle or assisted living? Or do you hire an able bodied, live in aide to take care of the more... more
            • It's so ironic.PH🤕🤕EY, Wed Sep 27 9:18am
              After our discussion here, I was out early up on the top of five steps leading to the front porch. I turned too quickly and lost my balance. And fell backwards landing with a major thud on the... more
              • Advertise. If she's out there, you'll find her. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 29 1:09am
                Curious why it needs to be a lesbian and a-sexual at that ... ?? Glad there was no major harm to you.
                • Oh, it was a small bit of rude humor.PH👀EY, Sat Sep 30 9:02am
                  What I am seeking is someone stable. And who likes the remote locale and Mother Nature. 40ish. With no ties to party people, who has sown his or her oats and settled into a wiser course. "Neutered."... more
            • The latter....PH👀EY, Tue Sep 26 10:08am
              It's difficult to find the right individual to take up some of the work. Most seem to be on pot 24/7. Or other far worse drugs. Or mental issues. But it's something that is on my mind. It is my... more