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Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:10am

has been rendered difficultly to read. But not impossible. The images are sound with no interference. But, one can research the information. Via other searches on the net. It's incredible that the Twins were invaded by Mossad operatives via a "art" cover facilitated by various ' respectable' entities such as the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. There were a number of plotters in key positions who facilitated the WTC wiring, and the con about Arabs flying commercial airliners. Can anyone say TREASON? I repeat: How many Arabs arrested on 9-11? Zero. How man Israelis? Over 100.

  • What MSM avoids:PH😱😰EY, Sun Sep 24 8:31am
    Reality? Oh yeah. For sure your Honor. Contempt of court you don't say. But the can of worms will never be revealed into the dead consciousness of the majority of "Babylonians." Relax! We PREFER... more
    • It is noted that the script in this link — PH🙄🙄EU, Mon Sep 25 8:10am
      • Perhaps this link is a good replacement PH✈️🏢🗽EY, Mon Sep 25 9:58am
        for the scribbled script of previous link: ...