Come Home
Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:08pm

Colorado's largest and finest wilderness, the Weminuche. When I pass,I would like my ashes scattered there. On Vestal Peak. I wrote this music to reflect this great wilderness. It begins with a Native American flavor. Then it moves into an industrial European sound reflective of the period of prospecting, mining, and railroad building, mostly around but not through this wilderness. The deeper into it you travel, the more serene and peaceful it becomes. A triangle preludes the lullaby with a repeating pair of eighth notes, saying gently, "Come home." Let the lullaby gently rock you. Let it play to show how harsh dissonance can be breathtakingly beautiful, like this rugged wilderness. It may be one of the most beautiful pieces you ever hear. It concludes with an earthy heavenly peace united into one great peace.