The solution? Give the anthem the boot!
Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:39pm

The. There will be nothing to knee. Problem solved.

  • Out on the field! A day after most of the N.F.L. engaged in at least some form of demonstration during the... more
    • Take a knee as a team to show unity BEFORE the flag gets rolled out and BEFORE the anthem gets played. Then stand and link arms while the flag is on the field and the anthem is being played to show... more
      • to F off. Seems you miseed that in your copy and paste crocodile tears over the Flag.
      • flag. Kneeling on one knee is and always has actually a sign of deep respect. That's why it was the chosen move that began this whole brouhaha. That so many have taken it to mean something other than ... more
        • Taking a knee has its place. But...SES, Tue Sep 26 4:28pm
          ...when protocol specifically states that people should STAND during the playing of the National Anthem, taking a knee instead most certainly IS being disrespectful. Especially when the person doing... more
        • Trumpeons want it to be Pikes, Tue Sep 26 11:59am
          what they want it to be, because without that, they have nothing. They're showing they don't want a kneel at any time because such will be interpreted as disrespecting the flag, or patriotism, or... more
      • After the event,Pikes, Tue Sep 26 10:51am
        Trumpeon disparagement and ridicule continued on social media unaffected and unchanged. Trump tweeted, "The booing at the NFL football game last night, when the entire Dallas team dropped to its... more
    • The solution? Give the anthem the boot! — pH🙄🙄EY, Mon Sep 25 10:39pm
      • You know why. Junk music.
        • Hear, hear!Poppet, Tue Sep 26 12:24pm
          Terrible choice of anthem. A nation should have a national anthem that the average non-musician has at least some chance of singing well enough to avoid collecting grimaces and thrown objects. The... more
          • Kate Smith did an admirable job. (nm)PH🌖🏔, Tue Sep 26 4:00pm
            • Her tour de force wasPikes, Tue Sep 26 8:09pm
              Irving Berlin's God Bless America. One needs to be drunk to sing the Star Spangled Banner. Jose can you see. It's a drinking song to begin with, about the virtues of drunkenness. The drunker the... more
              • Yes, that WAS her signature son.PH🙄🙄EY, Tue Sep 26 10:12pm
                I was a kid of course but I well remember the Kate Smith TV show. Poor thing. When she passed on there seemed to be confusion about who had legal authority over her body. That is how I recall the... more