You tell me. What ARE they belly aching about?
Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:41pm

Entertain or exit stage left.

  • Why do you believe they are protested just for themselves. That's what you're arguing. That because, you're not facing the same conditions, you cannot complain about and protest the treatment of... more
    • You tell me. What ARE they belly aching about? — PH👻👻EY, Mon Sep 25 10:41pm
      • You're arguing and you don't know why?HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 26 12:05am
        Go away, troll.
      • actually protesting BEFORE you pass judgment on what they are doing. I am now bewildered by your position taken because without that knowledge, HOW can you possibly have given an ounce of actual... more
        • Wrong.PH🙄🙄EY, Tue Sep 26 9:33am
          Perhaps my wording could have been clearer in its seeking a fuller 3-D understanding. But really, in spite of your interpretation of my post, I am aware aware of the issue. And who would not be? It's ... more