Racism is taught, whether accidentally or on purpose
Mon Sep 25, 2017 11:00pm

Children emulate their parents. Including outright or hidden racism. Even parents who feel shame for their "secret racism" can't completely hide it from their children, who are watching them carefully throughout their growth years. Parents with outright racism deliberately expose their children to it.

However, NO child is born racist. Children simply don't care about those kinds of things. They don't think anything of the differences in each other unless they are taught to. To a child, the child who is a different color, or has a disability, etc. is certainly noticed, but it's just how "Sally" or "Johnny" is made ---- until someone tells them that there's something "wrong" with that difference.

  • Yes, racism can be mitigated.PH👀EY, Mon Sep 25 2:42pm
    But not entirely, if for no other reason than different ethic pigmentation, or lack thereof, is noticeable. And because it is, that makes us different to one another. That difference is a segue into... more
    • Racism is taught, whether accidentally or on purpose — Sia☺giah, Mon Sep 25 11:00pm