You're arguing and you don't know why?
Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:05am

Go away, troll.

  • You tell me. What ARE they belly aching about?PH👻👻EY, Mon Sep 25 10:41pm
    Entertain or exit stage left.
    • You're arguing and you don't know why? — HeavyHemi, Tue Sep 26 12:05am
    • actually protesting BEFORE you pass judgment on what they are doing. I am now bewildered by your position taken because without that knowledge, HOW can you possibly have given an ounce of actual... more
      • Wrong.PH🙄🙄EY, Tue Sep 26 9:33am
        Perhaps my wording could have been clearer in its seeking a fuller 3-D understanding. But really, in spite of your interpretation of my post, I am aware aware of the issue. And who would not be? It's ... more
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