LIS, negotiate WHAT?
Tue Sep 26, 2017 12:36am

to let him keep his nukes? and then what? He threatens to USE them, THAT'S the problem.

Are you suggesting that the USA (and the world) all agree to just ignore his nuclear program and remove all of the financial & import/export restrictions currently on NK so they are a full fledged member of the world, with nukes, and with the egotistical maniac leader who enjoys threatening his neighbors, especially SK.

and we get exactly what? Well, besides an even MORE dangerous world because NK is now fully capable of doing any damned thing he decides he wants to do? Including attack the US mainland.

Or did you have something ELSE in mind?

Keep in mind that most other countries BEHAVE themselves to a large degree and DON'T go threatening to nuke others or take over their neighbors by force. China is hardly an equal comparison to NK

OBVIOUSLY, no one WANTS a world war. But giving the crazy tyrant everything he wants is NOT going to make the world safer, quite the contrary.

  • So, it's a fait accompli.PH🙂🙂EY, Mon Sep 25 7:57am
    Let him keep his nukes. Bring NK into the 21st century. China did join the world. The reality is this nation failed to resolve the situation long ago. There was a war. Still no peace treaty. And I... more
    • LIS, negotiate WHAT? — Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 26 12:36am
      • Yep, give him what he wants.PH💀💀EY, Tue Sep 26 9:51am
        I think we are receiving a lopsided picture of the realities. There have been a number of proposals by both China and Russia to cool the rhetoric. The US has nixed them. I would think that if Russia... more