Yep, give him what he wants.
Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:51am

I think we are receiving a lopsided picture of the realities. There have been a number of proposals by both China and Russia to cool the rhetoric. The US has nixed them. I would think that if Russia and China are comfortable with Kim's nukes, then they understand he is or the mad man you think he is. Why is he not giving them the finger? NK disdains the US due to the atrocities conducted against their population during the Korea engagement whereby the lost an estimated 30% of their civilian population. No treaty has been signed. They have spent 65 years seething. Why do you invoke "all the world?" I do not see all the world. But basically four nations. So why invoke a "we" where there is none? I suggest Kim is not insane. I think you might believe Trump is. Uh....what else would I possibly "have in mind." My only dog in the debate is to prevent WW3. I know enough about the past 100 years of global warfare to realize a damned firecracker can create a stampede to global warfare. I say SIT DOWN WITH KIM. Maybe a little humility and less arrogance of empire, and work out an amiable deal. He keeps his nukes, and joins your globalist "disorder." This nation likes "tyrants." But he is not our tyrant. That is the fly in the ointment.

  • LIS, negotiate WHAT?Sia☺giah, Tue Sep 26 12:36am
    to let him keep his nukes? and then what? He threatens to USE them, THAT'S the problem. Are you suggesting that the USA (and the world) all agree to just ignore his nuclear program and remove all of... more
    • Yep, give him what he wants. — PH💀💀EY, Tue Sep 26 9:51am