It's so ironic.
Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:18am

After our discussion here, I was out early up on the top of five steps leading to the front porch. I turned too quickly and lost my balance. And fell backwards landing with a major thud on the ground. The point of impact was my backside right hip. Oh yes, I was messed up with pain for about five minutes. While I laid there moaning, and mentally doing a run down of damage, my little dog was licking my face. But since there was no cracking sound at Impact my guess was no broken hip, etc. Gingerly standing up, I realized my good fortune. Aside from a scraped elbow and bruised glutus maximus, the old body was relatively unscathed. Shock was evident. The cure for me was to go stack firewood, and continue with the day. At noon I ate and took two #4 Ibu 's and napped. This morning my hip area and right backside is a bit tender. Otherwise, YAY! But this is instructive. The contractor was here later in the morning. He has built and finishing up a carport. We went over the need for rails for the steps. Oh yeah, the force of the fall broke a beautiful 10 gallon celadon pot in half. I am going to mend it. Usually it would be tossed, but the color glaze is beautiful. Yes, I need to locate the right individual to stay here. But my requirements are: non smoking non drinking diesel a-sexual lesbian with no family and not too bright who can take instruction, and likes the isolation. Does such an individual exist?

  • doing all of those critical chores, what is the plan? Do you sell your place and move to an easier lifestyle or assisted living? Or do you hire an able bodied, live in aide to take care of the more... more
    • It's so ironic. — PH🤕🤕EY, Wed Sep 27 9:18am
      • Advertise. If she's out there, you'll find her. Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 29 1:09am
        Curious why it needs to be a lesbian and a-sexual at that ... ?? Glad there was no major harm to you.
        • Oh, it was a small bit of rude humor.PH👀EY, Sat Sep 30 9:02am
          What I am seeking is someone stable. And who likes the remote locale and Mother Nature. 40ish. With no ties to party people, who has sown his or her oats and settled into a wiser course. "Neutered."... more
    • The latter....PH👀EY, Tue Sep 26 10:08am
      It's difficult to find the right individual to take up some of the work. Most seem to be on pot 24/7. Or other far worse drugs. Or mental issues. But it's something that is on my mind. It is my... more