The first thing to note is that nowhere is there any mention
Wed Sep 27, 2017 10:03am

of disrespect toward the nation, the flag, or the military. So that has no place in a discussion about the protest.

  • Now lets talk about that flaget, Wed Sep 27 9:56am
    That represented a fleet load of millions of we peoples anciestors who also once lived here? That fought to keep people you folks hate out of office and from ever having such power over the nation?... more
    • The first thing to note is that nowhere is there any mention — Merlin, Wed Sep 27 10:03am
      • their rule book. They know they are being in contempt.
        • Oh, waaaaaTrudy, Sun Oct 1 11:08am
          Disrespecting a rule book is so much worse than being gunned down for no reason. After all, the Pentagon paid to have that rule in the book, and that's why it's disrespectful to the flag, the... more
          • Your point is well taken.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Oct 2 8:42am
            Yes, the leagues are remunerated via tax dollars to put on the patriotic fervor. These players are not being murdered. Though records show many of them have some police records beyond trite. Perhaps... more
            • All cops are blue. Trudy, Mon Oct 2 12:10pm
              If officers were members of the community they patrol, and knew the citizens, and were known by them, they might not be such bullies. The players are not claiming to be protesting because they have... more
        • So WHY are team owners kneeling WITH them? (nm)Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 27 11:48pm
          • I suppose it's a form of appeasing their players. I think money is first and foremost? Maybe they agree with the beef. Pressure. Solidarity. Who knows. I don't think it signifies anything much except ... more
      • IMO you can't have it both ways... If the football player is the only one who gets to decide who his actions are allowed to feel disrespected, then the redneck is the only one who gets to decide who... more
        • RIF. Try it sometime. (nm)Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 27 11:49pm
        • Trump wants respect shown his way.Pikes, Wed Sep 27 10:46am
          Some pray with folded hands. Some hold hands in their laps. Other reach upward. Some bow their heads, and others lift theirs. Some close their eyes and others look toward heaven. Some sit. Others... more
          • So the guy putting a Confederate flag on hisSprout, Wed Sep 27 11:53am
            truck gets to explain it as historical and you won't try and call it disrespectful?
            • What is wrong with flying PH🙄🙄EY, Wed Sep 27 2:40pm
              the stars and bars? The flag makers can't keep up with the orders.
            • Your anglePikes, Wed Sep 27 12:04pm
            • being used as a non-historic racist symbol. E.g., Charlottesville: Can you cite examples of kneeling during the national anthem being done explicitly as an act of disrespect towards the country?... more
              • The question stands? Who gets to determineSprout, Wed Sep 27 12:43pm
                what a given act or symbol means? In the case of the Confederate flag, you are making the case that those OBSERVING the symbol or act make the determination as to its meaning. Yet, in the case of... more
                • Whoever has a gun, most likely. (nm)OH👁EY, Wed Sep 27 3:03pm
                • The actor determines the intended meaningJeeves, Wed Sep 27 12:56pm
                  " In the case of the Confederate flag, you are making the case that those OBSERVING the symbol or act make the determination as to its meaning. " No, the Charlottesville Nazis were explicit in... more
                  • Let's be clear about CharlottesvillePH💀💀EY, Fri Sep 29 9:06am
                    It was a psyops performance led by Spencer and or Kessler. They are government spooks, agent provocateurs. Their backgrounds do not indicate either of them is a white supremacist. And regarding the... more
                    • For What It's WorthJeeves, Fri Sep 29 9:14am
                      " For What It's Worth " by Buffalo Springfield There's something happening here But what it is ain't exactly clear There's a man with a gun over there Telling me I got to beware I think it's time we... more
                  • Again, and again, and again.Sprout, Wed Sep 27 1:02pm
                    In spite of the explanations, those who oppose claim that ANY application of the confederate battle flag is offensive. They have a right to that opinion He changed his display in a manner that HE... more
                    • Answered and answered and answeredJeeves, Wed Sep 27 1:14pm
                      Can't you read? " In spite of the explanations, those who oppose claim that ANY application of the confederate battle flag is offensive. They have a right to that opinion " Yeah, that's what I said.... more
                    • a different result. Your question is absurd and you know it is absurd. You have the right to call it whatever you want, that's it. It doesn't change the actor's reasoning for doing it. Why do you... more
                • You're of course entitled to call them a liar and say that YOUR reasons are why they are protesting. But, that would be silly. Here again you're stuck in your own loop of 'it's all about Spout and... more
                  • Not try applying that concept toSprout, Wed Sep 27 12:55pm
                    demonstrators you don't agree with.
                    • He won't. He can't. He refuses.PH🙄🙄EY, Wed Sep 27 3:09pm
                      But is your reasoning circular? Or a dead end. Where does your conception leave Hemi? In a quandry. We do not need quandry.
                      • actually think you control what I do.HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 27 6:44pm
                        Seems to be the other way around as much as you obsess over every post I make...kinda stalkerish.
                        • The response was to potato sprout,PH🙄🙄EY, Wed Sep 27 9:24pm
                          My response was not addressing you per se. So who is the stalker. No matter.
                        • Removed by admin 7banned poster, Wed Sep 27 9:03pm
                          • You mean like you stalking beind a proxy.HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 27 11:50pm
                            You always miss there is a subject being discussed, like there is with Spout. You're just mad he's be ridiculed for a dumb argument. You've always been jealous of your betters. Now get back to... more
                            • One assumes you are addressing this one?PH🙄🙄EY, Thu Sep 28 2:54pm
                              Haha. Do I have any "betters?" Well some are prettier, some are brighter, some are stronger, some are more sane, some are kinder and gentler, and some are wiser. But none of these describes you.... more
                              • Strange...HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 28 3:06pm
                                Are you okay? Why would you address a post that has nothing to with you as if it had anything to do with you. Then INVENT that I'm trying to find out stuff about you? Contrarian...other names you've... more
                                • Do what!PH🙄🙄EY, Fri Sep 29 8:51am
                                  Does a post have to make sense if one responds to a non-sensical post. Your communication skill are in question. Furthermore, you try drinking with one hand and typing with your middle finger.
                    • What concept? That you YOU believe changes THIER reason for protesting? I have to believe you're not this dumb in repeating the same mistake over and over...and it's just for the attention.
                    • Now try applying... (nm)Sprout, Wed Sep 27 12:55pm
              • Some fly another battle flag on their truckPikes, Wed Sep 27 12:08pm
        • then that misunderstanding needs to be rectified before further discussion.
          • Good pointRobert, Wed Sep 27 11:33am
            Maybe the first step to understanding would be to not use the playing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM to protest during something the NATION, the MILITARY, the POLICE, AND for the most part, the AUDIENCE... more
            • Well, There's Your Problem...Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 2:15pm
              Sacred? The anthem isn't sacred. Nor is the flag. Nor the Constitution. That's entirely the wrong attitude and focus. Our rights and freedoms. Now those , good Sir Robert, those are sacred. Amadeus
              • Admittedly, I have several problems-Robert, Thu Sep 28 9:03am
                "attitude and focus" are not often among them. Sometimes for sure, but not often. "Sacred" per Websters: That which is respected; venerable . Not understanding that the flag, anthem, and Constitution ... more
                • What Is And What Is Not...Amadeus, Thu Sep 28 10:51am
                  The flag can be grabbed by a madman, waved about in support of whatever cause he cherishes, claimed and sullied. It has happened before, it will happen again. Likewise the others. Even the written... more
                  • DivisivenessRobert, Thu Sep 28 11:38am
                    is the steroidal drug of choice of weakness and evil. Unity is the antidote. When the weakness you reference surfaces, and we agree that it has, it's critical to prescribe the correct medication.... more
                    • Unity For The Sake Of Unity...Amadeus, Sat Sep 30 12:52am
             no medicine. It's an intoxicant. The ideal and idea behind the establishment clause is certainly not obsolete. The language of the establishment clause is, however, archaic. Better to hold the... more
                      • Your last sentenceRobert, Sat Sep 30 10:34am
                        has nothing whatsoever to do with my posts on kneelers. As for your "unity for the sake of unity"----why bring up such a empty, non related to my posts, statement? Who on here has posted such a... more
                        • Whenever Someone Suggests...Amadeus, Sat Sep 30 12:49pm
                          ...that the symbols deserve veneration, but somehow, we can continue suffering while the ideas and ideals are swept under the rug... then they are putting the symbols ahead of the ideas and ideals.... more
                          • Who is suggesting such?Robert, Sun Oct 1 8:21am
                            "continue suffering....swept under the rug"--- hasn't been said on here and not even by our clueless President. Looks like, feels like, smells like..........uh..........straw.
                            • Seriously?Amadeus, Sun Oct 1 7:06pm
                              No, those words weren't used. The sentiment, however, is loud and clear. Amadeus
            • Too Late Now. What is Done is Done.Merlin, Wed Sep 27 11:49am
              The misunderstanding has been explained. With those who refuse to understand, further productive discussion is fruitless.
              • Thousandsss in Dallas didn't get the memoRobert, Wed Sep 27 12:27pm
                and I think you realize that millions of others didn't either.
                • They Should Inform ThemselvesMerlin, Wed Sep 27 1:05pm
                  It's been all over the news and internet.
                  • This woman may be "informed".Robert, Thu Sep 28 10:59am
                    Plus she's got a LOT more skin in the game than most here or elsewhere. If the ... more
                    • 'Twould If They Did So NOW I ThinkMerlin, Thu Sep 28 12:54pm
                    • No she doesn't. Her voice is not worth more..HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 28 12:49pm
                      than mine or yours or Trump's. That is extremely wrong.
                      • Who said it was worth more?Robert, Thu Sep 28 12:53pm
                        Informed/= worth more. I said she had more skin in the game in terms of being sensitive to the Anthem, and she does.
                        • She doesn't have any more skin in the game that I do or anyone else. And her reasons for 'being more sensitive' are nor more valid that mine or Trump's. Her opinion carries the same weight as a... more
                          • Are you sober?Robert, Thu Sep 28 8:49pm
                            Do you even know what "skin in game" means? Did you lose your spouse while they were supporting what the anthem stands for? If you did, I'll stand down. Now answer my question if you have the guts to ... more
                            • So her opinion means more because?HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 28 10:49pm
                              I've lost friends. It is completely irrelevant to the facts of the issue. Her OPINION of what they are doing matters just as much as yours or mine. Her husband wasn't killed in the line of duty... more
                              • She-nor-I-is-saying-her-opinion-is-more-important. That's twice now---get it? If you don't get the heightened sensitivity she has due to the loss of her husband, I can't help you. Your post prior to... more
                                • Illogical gibberishRobert, Fri Sep 29 1:51pm
                                  Her husbands death, considering his career, makes her a small subset of: wives in general, military wives, husbands, military husbands, former military personell, members of this board, and American... more
                                  • Yes, you are emotional and illogical.HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 2:01pm
                                    Yes, you have explained that you believe her opinion is more valuable and we should listen because? Then in the next breath you deny it. Then you make make immature insults. I disagree and have... more
                                    • Get some help man.Robert, Fri Sep 29 2:12pm
                                      I suspect anyone on here, whether they agree with me currently/ historically or not, will read this thread exchange and explain to you that I have never said her opinion is more important than anyone ... more
                                      • Then there is no reason for you to have used her.HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 2:50pm
                                        And you ARE explicitly arguing that her opinion IS more important because of her 'sensitivity'. I'll let others speak for themselves, so far not a one has taken your side...why is that? Again, it is... more
                                        • U R really reaching Hemi.Robert, Fri Sep 29 3:57pm
                                          Maybe it would help you to go back to the "informed" exchange with Merlin and I. I'm not explicitly or inherently claiming her opinion is more important. I've explained what I claim more than enuf... more
                                          • Again, you believe because of her experience...HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 4:35pm
                                            her "skin in the game" that she is a more credible voice...more credible than most here was how you put it. You're basically using every obfuscating tactic to avoid admitting something so blatantly... more
                                            • What I actually posted isRobert, Sat Sep 30 10:55am
                                              based on her loss, she would likely be more sensitive to a real or perceived slight to the anthem. What you said I said, was she was more credible (more important opinion)---this is what most would... more
                                • As retired military, I'd argue I have at least as much 'skin'. I am assuming you have NO military experience? So maybe you don't understand my point. So, again why are you holding her out ie: "Plus... more
              • Yet when conservative folks explain theSprout, Wed Sep 27 11:51am
                meaning behind their symbols and symbolic acts, the liberal protestors demand to use their own meanings. Think Confederate flag.
                • Explaining The Obvious. Again.Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 2:36pm
                  When a protester kneels during the anthem, there is no disrespect of the anthem, flag, America, etc. Think of when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. Was there disrespect shown toward... more
                  • And what US code states thatSprout, Wed Sep 27 3:22pm
                    the confederate battle flag is racist? You are making the case that the actor determines his own meaning in one case, and the observer determines the meaning in the other. Which is exactly my point.
                    • No, I Am Not...Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 3:25pm
                      The symbolism for the Confederate flag is established. It has been for some time. The meaning of not participating in the anthem or in the pledge varies based on the protest involved. By definition.... more
                  • United States Flag CodeSES, Wed Sep 27 2:44pm
                    The United States Flag Code establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America. It is Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the United States Code (4 U.S.C. 1 et ... more
                    • About the Flag CodeJeeves, Wed Sep 27 6:15pm
                      The Code also mentions a few other things about what you should and shouldn't do. See:
                    • Your angle is Pikes, Wed Sep 27 3:36pm
                    • The Supreme Court Has Already Held...Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 3:23pm
                      ...that our freedom of speech supersedes the flag code. So, no, it is NOT required by law. It was, at one point. But that was an ill-advised and poorly conceived law. Amadeus
                • Think thisPikes, Wed Sep 27 12:10pm
                  • The question stands...Sprout, Wed Sep 27 12:45pm
                    I'll wait, but won't hold my breath.
                    • No, the question kneelsPikes, Wed Sep 27 3:33pm
                      You don't get to make the rules. Neither does Trump.
                      • And niether does Kapernick, nor you...Sprout, Wed Sep 27 3:50pm
                        None of you get to pick and choose what behavior of an athlete or other protestor offends his/her customers/fans.
                        • If something I do offends my "fans" Pikes, Wed Sep 27 4:00pm
                          that's their problem. It's not my intent, nor in my heart. I don't change my behavior to accommodate their narrow rigidity. I never had to. However, I have another salute for Trump.
                          • Ssme thing with millions et, Wed Sep 27 4:38pm
                            with us southerners. Not our intent nor in our heart to offend. Because of a few a-holes that have been or being disrespectful of the flag; nor will we change ours. :) The ignorance is enough to... more
                    • Oh I think you do that a lot...HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 27 12:51pm
      • Well excuse me (nm)et, Wed Sep 27 10:09am