Are you truly incapable of seeing it for yourself? Either
Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:06pm

it fits or it doesn't.

Clearly, it FITS. Whether or not the justice department chooses to file charges or someone files a lawsuit against him is IRRELEVANT as to whether or not the law fits the deed.

There is NO DOUBT that tRUMP did exactly what the law was written to prevent. The only thing up for argument is whether it was an intentional flaunting of the law or simple IGNORANCE of the illegality of making such remarks from the podium, in particular. Had he commented sitting out in the Rose Garden having coffee with friends, that would just be an unfortunate overhearing of a private, personal expression that made the news. However, he said it from the bully pulpit and he appears to know PRECISELY what he was doing when he said it. However, it's unlikely that he had ANY clue how inappropriate it was or that it is expressly illegal.

However, illegality aside, given all the other CRAP he's done and continues to do, it's just small potatoes at this point.

Bottom line, it fits the definition of illegal under the law. But it's not going to be prosecuted. That doesn't make it somehow NOT an illegal act though.

or can't you understand that which you read and apply it in real life???

  • beyond a BBS poster or a politician to offer an EXPERT opinion as to whether simply being POTUS equates to a legal equivalent of "influence" over the hiring/firing decisions of the NFL.
    • Are you truly incapable of seeing it for yourself? Either — Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 27 1:06pm
      • Bottom line it does NOT fit...Sprout, Wed Sep 27 2:17pm
        Complaining to a manager, and even suggesting that an employee get fired, when you receive poor service is not INFLUENCE...
        • You can't even take your own advice. Then your silly attempt to change the context OUTSIDE of what is covered by statue. That is just lazy and intellectually per usual.
          • There is only one statuePH👻👻EY, Wed Sep 27 2:36pm
            that covers anything.... And that anything is the body of Confederate General A. P. Hill. He is buried under his commemorative statue in the center of a traffic circle in Richmond. But there are lots ... more
    • As you're just a BBS poster. I think if you focused more on defending your arguments and less on trying to attract attention, you'd seem a bit more mature and intelligent. As per usual, grow up.