Explaining The Obvious. Again.
Wed Sep 27, 2017 2:36pm (XFF:

When a protester kneels during the anthem, there is no disrespect of the anthem, flag, America, etc. Think of when Rosa Parks refused to sit in the back of the bus. Was there disrespect shown toward buses? Toward highways? Toward traffic lights?

The Confederate flag has established symbolism. When you choose to fly it, you are communicating that message. The words, "Go f@#k yourself," have established meaning. When you choose to say them, you are communicating that message. You can't decide that the established meaning doesn't apply. You need context. That is why it is appropriate to show the Confederate flag in a museum, or as part of a reenactment. Those venues provide context and help establish limited meaning.

Now, certainly, someone might proudly fly a Confederate flag. And I might approach them and say, "What do you think you're doing?" They could say, "I'm just proud of my southern heritage." I would then say, "Well, aside from that, are you aware of the meaning that the Confederate flag carries? You are sending the wrong message."

For the protesters, that conversation doesn't map.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm protesting racial inequality and excessive police violence by refusing to take part in traditional practices associated with the anthem. I'm kneeling to raise awareness of the issues."

"Oh. Well, that's not how a lot of people will take it."

"Really? How do you think they will see it?"

"As disrespectful."

"How, exactly, am I being disrespectful?"

"Well, you're not doing what everyone is supposed to do."

"Is it required by law?"


"It isn't. This form of protest has a long history in the US. As a nation, we've discussed this before, and we've hashed this out. There's no disrespect here."

"But it makes people uncomfortable."

"Well, maybe that's a good thing. But think of it this way. What if I was protesting the way veterans are being treated? What if I told you that I am kneeling because until our veterans are treated right, I don't think it's right for me to stand in a moment that should be in their honor."

"Well, now that's different."

"So it's not the method of the protest. It's the cause I'm supporting."

"Wait... I didn't mean... That's not..."

"Yes. It is."


  • Yet when conservative folks explain theSprout, Wed Sep 27 11:51am
    meaning behind their symbols and symbolic acts, the liberal protestors demand to use their own meanings. Think Confederate flag.
    • Explaining The Obvious. Again. — Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 2:36pm
      • And what US code states thatSprout, Wed Sep 27 3:22pm
        the confederate battle flag is racist? You are making the case that the actor determines his own meaning in one case, and the observer determines the meaning in the other. Which is exactly my point.
        • No, I Am Not...Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 3:25pm
          The symbolism for the Confederate flag is established. It has been for some time. The meaning of not participating in the anthem or in the pledge varies based on the protest involved. By definition.... more
      • United States Flag CodeSES, Wed Sep 27 2:44pm
        The United States Flag Code establishes advisory rules for display and care of the national flag of the United States of America. It is Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the United States Code (4 U.S.C. 1 et ... more
        • About the Flag CodeJeeves, Wed Sep 27 6:15pm
          The Code also mentions a few other things about what you should and shouldn't do. See:
        • Your angle is Pikes, Wed Sep 27 3:36pm
        • The Supreme Court Has Already Held...Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 3:23pm
          ...that our freedom of speech supersedes the flag code. So, no, it is NOT required by law. It was, at one point. But that was an ill-advised and poorly conceived law. Amadeus
    • Think thisPikes, Wed Sep 27 12:10pm
      • The question stands...Sprout, Wed Sep 27 12:45pm
        I'll wait, but won't hold my breath.
        • No, the question kneelsPikes, Wed Sep 27 3:33pm
          You don't get to make the rules. Neither does Trump.
          • And niether does Kapernick, nor you...Sprout, Wed Sep 27 3:50pm
            None of you get to pick and choose what behavior of an athlete or other protestor offends his/her customers/fans.
            • If something I do offends my "fans" Pikes, Wed Sep 27 4:00pm
              that's their problem. It's not my intent, nor in my heart. I don't change my behavior to accommodate their narrow rigidity. I never had to. However, I have another salute for Trump.
              • Ssme thing with millions et, Wed Sep 27 4:38pm
                with us southerners. Not our intent nor in our heart to offend. Because of a few a-holes that have been or being disrespectful of the flag; nor will we change ours. :) The ignorance is enough to... more
        • Oh I think you do that a lot...HeavyHemi, Wed Sep 27 12:51pm