No, I Am Not...
Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:25pm (XFF:

The symbolism for the Confederate flag is established. It has been for some time.

The meaning of not participating in the anthem or in the pledge varies based on the protest involved. By definition. The act has no intrinsic meaning. That is why it is dishonest for someone to simply claim that the protesters are unAmerican, or hate America, or hate the flag, etc.

Because that is a meaning they are projecting onto the situation.

A Confederate flag, on the other hand, already has baggage in terms of meaning. No projection is necessary.


  • And what US code states thatSprout, Wed Sep 27 3:22pm
    the confederate battle flag is racist? You are making the case that the actor determines his own meaning in one case, and the observer determines the meaning in the other. Which is exactly my point.
    • No, I Am Not... — Amadeus, Wed Sep 27 3:25pm