And niether does Kapernick, nor you...
Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:50pm

None of you get to pick and choose what behavior of an athlete or other protestor offends his/her customers/fans.

  • No, the question kneelsPikes, Wed Sep 27 3:33pm
    You don't get to make the rules. Neither does Trump.
    • And niether does Kapernick, nor you... — Sprout, Wed Sep 27 3:50pm
      • If something I do offends my "fans" Pikes, Wed Sep 27 4:00pm
        that's their problem. It's not my intent, nor in my heart. I don't change my behavior to accommodate their narrow rigidity. I never had to. However, I have another salute for Trump.
        • Ssme thing with millions et, Wed Sep 27 4:38pm
          with us southerners. Not our intent nor in our heart to offend. Because of a few a-holes that have been or being disrespectful of the flag; nor will we change ours. :) The ignorance is enough to... more