We don't have disruptive members of audiences 4 gigs I play
Wed Sep 27, 2017 3:53pm

Twice in several thousand concerts over forty years I played when a member of the audience disrupted. The first at Boettcher was a small child, out of control and screaming fit, just prior to the Verdi Requiem. He and his mother were removed.

Second was at Aspen when a young woman collapsed and fell out of her seat into the aisle. We all waited while paramedics tended to her, and many of us prayed silently, wishing her well.

Musicians are generally more reasonable than Trumpeons. Ants are generally more reasonable than Trumpeons.

Trump made something of this issue that never was, because some of his minions did, beginning with Kaepernick. Trump needed to rally his base. Or perhaps kundgebung them. Maybe that's in lieu of the 2% tax increase the poorest American workers face from Trump's new tax reform proposal. 2% when you struggle to buy food and pay utilities is evil.