Little Bear
Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:34pm

Little Bear

One of the toughest 4x4 roads anywhere, and a peak that kills. Almost every year somebody dies on Little Bear Peak. Many deaths occur from rocks knocked off the ridge that all funnel down into a bottleneck called The Hourglass. While the technical rock in Hourglass isn't difficult, many non technical climbers hand over hand up a fixed rope, which is always a dangerous technique. "Real" technical climbers NEVER hand over hand up a fixed rope. If we ascend a fixed rope, it is by ascenders or at least prusik knots.

The ridge from Little Bear to Blanca, called Heroes Highway has gut shrinking exposure the entire way, and while the ridge looks like it has to be held together, it is solid. Often the best way is to creep along the very apex.

The "dizzying" waltz is the tip toe dance climbers must do on this ridge, stepping delicately and carefully above the dizzying heights, knowing any misstep is a fatal mistake.

Trump compels me to retreat into this refuge, as I contemplate the 2% rise in taxes I will pay under his proposal. I wish I could take him across Heroes Highway.

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