So WHY are team owners kneeling WITH them? (nm)
Wed Sep 27, 2017 11:48pm

  • their rule book. They know they are being in contempt.
    • Oh, waaaaaTrudy, Sun Oct 1 11:08am
      Disrespecting a rule book is so much worse than being gunned down for no reason. After all, the Pentagon paid to have that rule in the book, and that's why it's disrespectful to the flag, the... more
      • Your point is well taken.PH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Mon Oct 2 8:42am
        Yes, the leagues are remunerated via tax dollars to put on the patriotic fervor. These players are not being murdered. Though records show many of them have some police records beyond trite. Perhaps... more
        • All cops are blue. Trudy, Mon Oct 2 12:10pm
          If officers were members of the community they patrol, and knew the citizens, and were known by them, they might not be such bullies. The players are not claiming to be protesting because they have... more
    • So WHY are team owners kneeling WITH them? (nm) — Sia☺giah, Wed Sep 27 11:48pm
      • I suppose it's a form of appeasing their players. I think money is first and foremost? Maybe they agree with the beef. Pressure. Solidarity. Who knows. I don't think it signifies anything much except ... more