Not quite right.
Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:05pm

The survey in question was conducted using General Election voters. Of our total population of c. 320 million people, approximately 219 million are eligible to register and vote. Of those, about 55% actually did so, or c. 120 million. So it can be stated with some certainty, assuming the surveyors employed sound selection methodologies in determining their 1633 members of the respondent pool, that the majority of General Election voters have this preference. Given the size of that majority, it's quite possible that this can be extrapolated to the entire population, but that's not what the survey actually determined.

  • ...kneel during the National Anthem are being disrespectful and are opposed to them doing it. Thereby proving Sia wrong, yet again. Deal with it.
    • and I said NO, THEY DO NOT. In case you're not capable of understanding the difference between claiming that people think someone is an SOB vs thinking they are doing something disrespectful, then I... more
    • Not quite right. — Poppet, Thu Sep 28 2:05pm