I would suspect that expanding the sample
Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:32pm

to include ALL Americans, one would find a shift towards a "don't care" type answer. How big a shift? I have no idea

IMO in order to vote, a person has to have strong enough political opinions to BOTHER to vote. I have to suspect that a significant portion of the non-voters really wouldn't CARE one way or another about this silliness. Probably baffled why a president is commenting on football players in the first place, and confused as to why anyone else would CARE that the president is commenting on football players.

  • Not quite right.Poppet, Thu Sep 28 2:05pm
    The survey in question was conducted using General Election voters. Of our total population of c. 320 million people, approximately 219 million are eligible to register and vote. Of those, about 55%... more