"she's got a LOT more skin in the game than most here .."
Thu Sep 28, 2017 2:56pm

She doesn't have any more skin in the game that I do or anyone else. And her reasons for 'being more sensitive' are nor more valid that mine or Trump's. Her opinion carries the same weight as a wounded vet who disagrees with her. Frankly it's horribly toxic that you and your ilk are trying to FORCE your views by questioning the patriotism of others and trying to shame them by dragging in the military as if they attacking and disrespecting the military. It's disgusting and it's dishonest and it's so Trump.

  • Who said it was worth more?Robert, Thu Sep 28 12:53pm
    Informed/= worth more. I said she had more skin in the game in terms of being sensitive to the Anthem, and she does.
    • "she's got a LOT more skin in the game than most here .." — HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 28 2:56pm
      • Are you sober?Robert, Thu Sep 28 8:49pm
        Do you even know what "skin in game" means? Did you lose your spouse while they were supporting what the anthem stands for? If you did, I'll stand down. Now answer my question if you have the guts to ... more
        • So her opinion means more because?HeavyHemi, Thu Sep 28 10:49pm
          I've lost friends. It is completely irrelevant to the facts of the issue. Her OPINION of what they are doing matters just as much as yours or mine. Her husband wasn't killed in the line of duty... more
          • She-nor-I-is-saying-her-opinion-is-more-important. That's twice now---get it? If you don't get the heightened sensitivity she has due to the loss of her husband, I can't help you. Your post prior to... more
            • Illogical gibberishRobert, Fri Sep 29 1:51pm
              Her husbands death, considering his career, makes her a small subset of: wives in general, military wives, husbands, military husbands, former military personell, members of this board, and American... more
              • Yes, you are emotional and illogical.HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 2:01pm
                Yes, you have explained that you believe her opinion is more valuable and we should listen because? Then in the next breath you deny it. Then you make make immature insults. I disagree and have... more
                • Get some help man.Robert, Fri Sep 29 2:12pm
                  I suspect anyone on here, whether they agree with me currently/ historically or not, will read this thread exchange and explain to you that I have never said her opinion is more important than anyone ... more
                  • Then there is no reason for you to have used her.HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 2:50pm
                    And you ARE explicitly arguing that her opinion IS more important because of her 'sensitivity'. I'll let others speak for themselves, so far not a one has taken your side...why is that? Again, it is... more
                    • U R really reaching Hemi.Robert, Fri Sep 29 3:57pm
                      Maybe it would help you to go back to the "informed" exchange with Merlin and I. I'm not explicitly or inherently claiming her opinion is more important. I've explained what I claim more than enuf... more
                      • Again, you believe because of her experience...HeavyHemi, Fri Sep 29 4:35pm
                        her "skin in the game" that she is a more credible voice...more credible than most here was how you put it. You're basically using every obfuscating tactic to avoid admitting something so blatantly... more
                        • What I actually posted isRobert, Sat Sep 30 10:55am
                          based on her loss, she would likely be more sensitive to a real or perceived slight to the anthem. What you said I said, was she was more credible (more important opinion)---this is what most would... more
            • As retired military, I'd argue I have at least as much 'skin'. I am assuming you have NO military experience? So maybe you don't understand my point. So, again why are you holding her out ie: "Plus... more