Law enforcement and courts wreck themselves
Thu Sep 28, 2017 5:30pm

every time they exonerate a bad cop guilty of a crime against the public. Same goes for churches who quietly reassign a pedophile priest, or minister rather than clean their house.

Its the bad cops, and bad clergy. Bad lawyers, bad doctors, bad teachers, bad administrators, bad representatives... and even a bad president. It's a small minority who get a lionshare of media and public attention, that makes everyone in the profession suffer.

We need to get off the race bandwagon, because this affects everyone.

  • I know I can sleep better knowingPH💀💀EY, Thu Sep 28 3:42pm
    we are all equal in the eyes the law.
    • Law enforcement and courts wreck themselves — Pikes, Thu Sep 28 5:30pm
      • I'm afraid it's worse than thatKenS, Thu Sep 28 6:28pm
        You know that when a “bad cop” commits some heinous act, and every other cop on the force refuses to condemn his action, or even worse actively attempts to cover up that action, it becomes an... more
      • Yes, sound advice.PH👁👁EY, Thu Sep 28 5:43pm
        Then after getting off the race hayride we can climb back on for another roll, with some other floozy. No smoking allowed.