Apparently they live in some country other than the USA
Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:59am

GOP economic "facts":
Gary Cohn says a typical American family earns $100,000 a year—here's how much they really make

Economic advisor Gary Cohn told reporters on Thursday that a typical four-person American family bringing in $100,000 a year would save $1,000 under the Republicans' proposed tax reform effort, which they could use to pay for a new car or a kitchen.

In actuality, the average American family makes $74,000 a year before taxes, or about $30,000 less than that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The median American family income is roughly half of Cohn's estimate, or only about $55,000.


I just remodeled our kitchen. It cost, shall we say, slightly more than $1,000.

And I see lots of ads for new cars selling for $1,000.


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    • Oh that again.PH💰💰EY, Fri Sep 29 8:43am
      I recall that kind of mantra when LBJ inherited the oral orifice. He reversed the JFK Vietnam withdrawal of "advisors" and went into the propaganda squawk box to say we shall have guns And butter.... more
    • Apparently they live in some country other than the USA — Jeeves, Fri Sep 29 5:59am