Fri Sep 29, 2017 10:00am

A Kadaver is a cadaver or corpse, and Gehorsam means "obedience." Kadavergehorsam refers to an unquestioning, blind obedience or a total abandonment of one's free will to a higher authority. The term entered German via the constitution of the Jesuit order as written by its founder, St. Ignace of Loyola.

  • There is a cultural issue....Sprout, Fri Sep 29 8:51am
    Especially among the commissioned officers from the youngest cadet all the way up to the guys with stars on their collars... It is a spinal, knee-jerk, response to any order, or even PERCEPTION of an ... more
    • Kadavergehorsam — Merlin, Fri Sep 29 10:00am