Did Congress ever gave a POTUS so little to do?
Fri Sep 29, 2017 11:42am

Which in this case is a good thing. A blessing. Be it a divided or unaccomplished Congress, or an unaccomplished POTUS, the same end applies.

I don't know why I receive their solicitations. I am kinda glad I do. Their cardstock invitations and celebrations with embossed printing suitable for framing, the inauguration, Trump's birthday, Melania's birthday, is all new in my experience, and wasteful. IMO Trump shows he's rich and can spend. Not practical, thrifty and conservative.

I spent all day and night yesterday in the studio re scoring and re recording Tsisnaagiinii. Son played flute, I played clarinet, horn, and trombone, piano/ celesta, dottir played violin and viola in real time and these are added into the mix for that human element that makes the whole real. Not digital. I got new recording software and a new Shure mike, and the learning/exploration curve compels me to tinker with intent to improve. You know how in the eyes and ears of an artist, good enough never is.


The music is written in four thematic sections- ancient, Native, Spanish, and Anglo. It opens ancient, mysterious, and haunted. The mountain is sacred to Native people of many mountain and plains areas. It is one of the four pillars of the sky, the others beings Huajatolla, Hesperus, and San Francisco Peaks. Ancient moves into Spanish. The Native theme- faster and more rhythmic suddenly breaks into Anglo with arrival of the Anglo- Spanish and English (Coronado and Pike) which forever changed their culture. The development fractures the Native theme, splitting it into splinters. The music finally returns to the ancient of the mountain, which will be there and endure long after we're all gone.

Then there are the big Yosemite rockfalls.