Doesn't Seem like Mrs.Trump Put Any Thought
Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:50pm

or money into this little gesture.

  • Is this a real letter?Sia☺giah, Fri Sep 29 1:27am
    I've never noticed any racism steeped in Dr. Seuss, but, I also wasn't looking for it, so maybe? It does, however, make ZERO sense to send the books to a school in Cambridge, MA, where money for... more
    • Doesn't Seem like Mrs.Trump Put Any Thought — Merlin, Fri Sep 29 1:50pm
      • Perhaps she didn't even have anything to do with itSia☺giah, Sun Oct 1 12:42am
        either. Wouldn't surprise me. She doesn't seem to be terribly interested in being "First Lady". I rather doubt she expected to be there any more than millions of us ever thought he'd actually wind up ... more
      • On heavy card stock paper Pikes, Sat Sep 30 11:01am
        with embossed ink, suitable for framing? I can't judge Geisel. I know in his early years he struggled like many do. Had interest and intent for advertising. I don't know those illustrations were... more