The Protest Is Not To Divide...
Sat Sep 30, 2017 12:46am

You've bought into the alternative facts.

What if, when asked why he wouldn't stand for the anthem, Kap had said, "You know, I have seen how our veterans are being mistreated when they come home. They can't get timely medical treatment, let alone mental health treatment. They can't get jobs. They often can't get respect. Until we do something, I'm not going to pretend that everything is okay. I don't deserve to stand while they are being treated like that."

If that protest is acceptable, but the current protest of excessive police violence and racial inequality is not acceptable, then the difference isn't the type or vehicle of the protest. It's the cause.

And I, for one, find no fault in the cause they have chosen to protest.

Of course, by that, I mean the actual cause they are protesting. Not the straw man that is often claimed for them by right wing pundits.