Yes, and these are the same troublemakers
Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:44am

who are seeking to erase the old Confederacy from memory. When I realized these bastards were aiming to tear down those beautiful monuments on Monument Avenue in Richmond, that is when it dawned on me that these groups of mutually beneficial anarchists have an agenda with no end, a bottomless pit of demands to remove the sorry record referred to as human history. Yet, their riotous actions and killing of free speech by others is precisely that about which they claim to want to change. In other words they offer nothing but anarchy, chaos, and divisive riotous behavior. They are conducting warfare upon the culture. As if they offer anything of an improvement.

  • Yes. They are all the same rabble.Ex-News Junkie, Thu Sep 28 5:29pm
    Occupy. Black Lives Matter. Arab Spring. Antifa. They fly a different banner from time to time. You will see them join together at the same "protests" as they call them - riots as I call them. They... more
    • Yes, and these are the same troublemakers — PH💀💀EY, Sat Sep 30 8:44am