Your last sentence
Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:34am

has nothing whatsoever to do with my posts on kneelers. As for your "unity for the sake of unity"----why bring up such a empty, non related to my posts, statement? Who on here has posted such a statement? Who on here has suggested symbols of ideals are in fact the ideals? I'll be less subtle for you.....nobody has done either.

Now, bring on your next straw man.

  • Unity For The Sake Of Unity...Amadeus, Sat Sep 30 12:52am no medicine. It's an intoxicant. The ideal and idea behind the establishment clause is certainly not obsolete. The language of the establishment clause is, however, archaic. Better to hold the... more
    • Your last sentence — Robert, Sat Sep 30 10:34am
      • Whenever Someone Suggests...Amadeus, Sat Sep 30 12:49pm
        ...that the symbols deserve veneration, but somehow, we can continue suffering while the ideas and ideals are swept under the rug... then they are putting the symbols ahead of the ideas and ideals.... more
        • Who is suggesting such?Robert, Sun Oct 1 8:21am
          "continue suffering....swept under the rug"--- hasn't been said on here and not even by our clueless President. Looks like, feels like, smells like..........uh..........straw.
          • Seriously?Amadeus, Sun Oct 1 7:06pm
            No, those words weren't used. The sentiment, however, is loud and clear. Amadeus