On heavy card stock paper
Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:01am

with embossed ink, suitable for framing?

I can't judge Geisel. I know in his early years he struggled like many do. Had interest and intent for advertising. I don't know those illustrations were racist, or reflections of common perceptions of the time. He became somebody when he found himself and his cause.

I know the crap I get from Trump isn't from him per se. It's from committees speaking for him. There are plenty. His "cabinet" exhausted the annual budget Obama's cabinet operated and function with in six months, meaning they either spend twice as much, or twice as fast. Trump is a big spender who turns into a welcher when the bill is due. Slow pay, short pay, no pay, and thousands of lawsuits are result of a pattern I anticipate in his presidency.

Melania is part trophy wife, and part rouse.