Your experiences parallel mine.
Mon Oct 2, 2017 8:32am

The one good experience I had was I was speeding just a little over 70. The officer who pulled me over was very polite. AND told me he was going to write the ticket but would show my speed at less than 70 which would keep down the monetary penalty. That was a decent gesture. Otherwise it's been arrogance time and again. And no matter your logical explanation, it's not good enough. One cop cited me for seat belt, and unnoticed by me he incorrectly wrote down my mailing address. Being busy, I forgot about the ticket, and a invoice never showed up. Next thing I know is license suspension, quadruple fines. So I went to court rather than pay. The cop never showed up. After dealing with a fake judge, a clerk in a black robe, and me bowing and scraping, kissing ass, and many "yes your honor" acts of respect through a bullet proofed collection window, I got most of the excessive fine dropped. But the time involved, the disgusting pseudo blackmail by the system, the experiences have left me sour.

  • The personal and public police issuePikes, Sun Oct 1 12:41pm
    Many people have stressful, negative encounters with police. I had a virtually clean driving record from first license until just a few years ago. Virtually because the only ticket I ever received... more
    • Your experiences parallel mine. — PH💀💀EY, Mon Oct 2 8:32am