An interesting spooky read:
Mon Oct 2, 2017 8:51am

Two volumes! For some reason I was hooked and read both. Title: 411 Missing. Most of these strange cases occur in national parks. Yosemite has the most if my memory serves me. The stories so spooked me that for weeks On end I was utterly paranoid. There was one case for my remote area, too.

  • Big rockfall in YosemitePikes, Fri Sep 29 4:30pm
    Several thousand tons. People hurt and killed. I've thought about that up there from time to time. There is no warning. Yosemite is "solid," and when it peels, it peels in huge flakes and chunks.... more
    • An interesting spooky read: — PH💀💀EY, Mon Oct 2 8:51am