Rescued dog.
Mon Oct 2, 2017 9:23am

At the near-end of the rains last Spring, a lost limping smallish dog showed up here. But before I could assess the situation and put my little twit away, she chased off the miserable looking creature. And in spite of calling it, he had fled down into a steep wooded rocky ravine. I assumed that dog would not make it out these mountains given the weather and its physical condition. Was I wrong. About four days ago the miserable wretch showed up again. The right front leg was in worse shape and totally useless. It was extremely shy and ran (limped) away with every approach and entreaty. My dog was better behaved, and I took precaution by leaving her inside the house. At one point I tried to entice it with a opened can of dog food. Still it stayed away. But I know he smelled it. I began leaving opened food under the front tire of the truck. But of course the Ravens and assorted creatures would want it, too. When I checked on the container a few hours later it had been kicked clean. Ah a good sign. After two days of this tactic the dog began to hang out closer to the house. By the third day it was lying in the sun. I took a lawn chair and sat about 30 feet away with a delicious duck treat. Breaking off a small chunk I tossed it close to him but towards my position. At first he just lay there. Finally he limped over and took the bait. Another chunk was tossed closer to me. Pretty soon he was at my hand licking it. Cautiously I reach over and scratched his ears and head. He began to relax. This allowed me to remove a tag less collar that was too tight. And the two of us sat there bonding in the sunshine. The dog follows me everywhere albeit very slowly as it has only three functioning legs. Skinny as can be. I instructed my sweet pooch abou manners. This rescue is a smallish hound of some kind. Nice markings. Anyway to end the story with a most happy ending, the animal rescue service in the valley has agreed to take him. And tomorrow this lucky 8 month old dog will be at the vet. His leg problem looks to me to be a very neglected absess from a small puncture, maybe a bite mark. It could be broken. I can't tell for sure. I just hope it's curable without amputation. Do I want another dog. No. But if the rescue service has a problem finding him a good home, then yes, he can live here.

    • Awwww... That's a great story Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 2 10:31pm
      You're clearly a very kindhearted person underneath your "gruff". People who love animals and who treat them kindly are one of my two favorite types of people. It doesn't matter what else they may... more
    • Thank you for doing that. Pikes, Mon Oct 2 11:27am
      Early last summer some peak baggers lost their dog on the Democrat Lincoln Bross trio and abandoned it. It lingered all summer and was reported. Finally a week ago or so, someone was able to rescue... more
      • Just got back from PH🐈🐕EY, Mon Oct 2 7:52pm
        the animal rescue service. She operates on a shoe string. But does amazing work. Her philosophy is if someone puts out notice of a missing dog they love and want, she will of course seek to make the... more
        • UpdatePH🐈🐈EY, Wed Oct 4 1:12pm
          The young dog was shot with a 22. The shooter probably sought to hit the heart area but instead shot the elbow region. It shattered the bone in the area and the bullet broke into many pieces. The... more
          • Hopefully someone decent will adopt the pup.Sia☺giah, Wed Oct 4 10:39pm
            Dogs do manage with only 3 good legs. That is better than 3 good ones and one damaged one that holds them back, hurts, or is poisoning them due to infection. Keep us posted.
            • I got a pic from the rescue service.PH🐕🐕EY, Wed Oct 4 10:51pm
              The operation was a success. The dog is looking very good, standing and looking great. The amputation was up at the lower shoulder area. The vet charged $1,200. I and some friends are going to... more
              • I'm glad the poor critter came to your place.Sia☺giah, Thu Oct 5 3:58am
                You generously fed him and then got him the help he desperately needed, effectively saving his life. If his leg was that shattered and infected, it had to be zapping his energy and life blood slowly... more
          • Go Fund Me?Pikes, Wed Oct 4 9:57pm
            Share your dog's story on a Go Fund Me page. Throw some mud at the wall to see what sticks.
            • Good news! A friend contributed a grandPH👏🏾👏🏾EY, Sat Oct 7 6:31am
              towards the operation. I will donate the final $200. Interesting how things work out.
            • Update:PH🐕🐈EY, Thu Oct 5 5:13pm
              I put up $500. A friend who has two rescues put up $300. And the rescue service put up the remaining $400. Inhavecagreed to take the doc on a trial basis. The reason is because I live on the topside... more