Sheriff Joe Arpaoi repays Trump for his pardon
Mon Oct 2, 2017 11:01am

Orange Brother will be pleased by Joe's good works:
Joe Arpaio tells GOP he’s hot on the trail of Obama’s birth certificate and running for Congress


On a speech on Friday in Fresno, California, Joseph M. Arpaio, billed on the evening's program as “America’s toughest sheriff,” delighted local Republicans with his pronouncements. He promised to restart his investigation into the veracity of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, suggested he might run for a congressional seat, perhaps the one held by Arizona’s Senator Jeff Flake, and lambasted professional football players for their National Anthem protests, which he called “little Mickey Mouse political games.”


Earlier in the day, Arpaio had announced that he would resume research into Obama’s birth certificate, which was issued by Hawaii. Suspicion fueled by the extreme right that the certificate is fake has been definitively deemed a hoax, one with not-especially-subtle racial insinuations. Nevertheless, Arpaio seemed eager to go after the president whose Department of Justice began investigating him in the spring of 2009, two months after Obama took office. Now that Trump has pardoned Arpaio, the former sheriff is eager to go after Obama again.

Arpaio’s renewed birtherism prompted a question from Jeffrey Hess, a reporter with Valley Public Radio, an NPR affiliate in Central California.

“Are you serious?” Hess asked, sounding both incredulous and pained. “I’m just curious if you’re actually, seriously continuing this well-debunked argument.” Hess added that Arpaio’s was “a wildly irresponsible claim. I can’t tell if you’re serious or not.”

“Of course I’m serious,” Arpaio countered. “The facts are there.”