I agree. Minimal tit for tat is fairly normal and expected
Mon Oct 2, 2017 4:04pm

However, never ending nonsense is just ridiculous lately.

I've had a boatload on my plate for a couple of months in dealing with my elderly Dad's issues, what with him being forced to move into assisted living, suddenly losing his long time companion to death, the hurricane that walloped his residence, his recent, month long visit and the pneumonia he got while up here, now his return to FL and assorted issues involving meds, laundry needs, personal belongings turning up missing, hiring a personal aide for him to replace my idiot niece who caused him SO much trouble, etc. PLUS the recent death of my Mother in Law and all the financial & personal issues that have come up. Those things are FAR more important to me than the board's petty squabbles that I'd usually have nipped in the bud long before they got out of hand as they have.

Threads being THREE TIMES their necessary length due to endless squabbles is just RIDICULOUS. We are presumably all ADULTS here who should be able to limit ourselves to a remark or two to make our point (if personal in nature) and then just LETTING IT GO already !!

  • This Board, R&E, and Most BoardsMerlin, Mon Oct 2 3:03pm
    would have a very much lower number of post, which would be shorter but better (and a lot less booooooring ;-), if posters discussed the topic and not each other.
    • I agree. Minimal tit for tat is fairly normal and expected — Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 2 4:04pm