Would modern military welcome a civilian militia in battle?
Tue Oct 3, 2017 10:38am

" Historically militia's will serve WITH standing military forces. I would certainly agree that militiamen are unlikely to be expected to arrive bringing tanks, howitzers, fighter jets, bombers, or helicopters with them. This is because historically militiamen are most often used in basic INFANTRY roles. I would say a militiamen COULD be expected to arrive equipped for THAT role. What type rifle would an infantrymen be reasonably expected to carry?"

I can't imagine a modern military commander wanting a bunch of civilians carrying a variety of weapons arriving on his battlefield. You couldn't deploy them easily, you couldn't rely on their discipline, and, importantly, you couldn't resupply them since they would need a wide variety of ammunition.

Today, the "well regulated militia" role is served by the states' National Guard units and regular military reserve units.

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    • Would modern military welcome a civilian militia in battle? — Jeeves, Tue Oct 3 10:38am
      • EVERBODY trained to whatever degree possible. Sometimes they had weapons, sometimes they were just farmers with pitchforks, but they were trying to prepare for if the German military did cross the... more
      • The US military hasn't TRULY been stressedSprout, Tue Oct 3 11:10am
        since WWII in terms of running EVERTHING they have to the max. Building weapons and vehicles as fast as possible, training recruits as fast as possible, pushing everything across the ocean as fast as ... more
      • Given the incredible high tech dmpowermentPH☠☠EY, Tue Oct 3 10:46am
        to the push button warriors, and the incredible massive destruction including conventional weapons, your post has the slight pallor of an antique concept. A responding militia in your scenario is... more
        • Yeah, that's what I saidJeeves, Tue Oct 3 10:58am
          " A responding militia in your scenario is passť, and irrelevant. " Exactly.
          • Different roles though...Sprout, Tue Oct 3 11:36am
            If we look at total war scenario's there are plenty of jobs that won't need front line troops, but would be better done by someone with a rifle who knows how to do it.
    • I was not specifically targeting PH👀EY, Tue Oct 3 10:21am
      Trump. But used his imperial edict as a example . The ban on travel to Cuba was unconstitutional. And a lot less complicated to grasp than the dodgey hair splitting parsing of terms re. the Second... more