May I state that this official pronouncement
Tue Oct 3, 2017 10:38am

seems a bit staged? Let's put some common sense to the test. The alledged killer is using a alledged expensive $20,000 machine gun. He rents two disparate hotel rooms on the 37th floor. Then he hauls up dozens of long rifles, but uses the machine gun. The cops go to his house and alledgedly find yet another alledged 19 guns. Uh, foes it seem this is a wee bit over-staged? One would believe the guy was an expert marksman or been in the military. Though his brother states they were not real close, he stated His bro was never in the military. There is an alledged employment connection to war contractor Lockheed Martin. The Vegas massacre has the color of a false flag set up.

  • 59 killed, 527 injured. WTF??Sia☺giah, Mon Oct 2 10:56pm At least 59 killed, 527 injured in Las Vegas mass shooting A gunman opened fire on people at an outdoor concert... more
    • Mind and heart numbing. Symptom.Pikes, Tue Oct 3 10:55am
      I can't begin to wrap my mind around this with the slightest sense of resolution. Things happening in this country aren't causes of the decay, but rather symptoms of it. People pointed to Obama,... more
      • I agree with most of your post.PH👁👁EY, Tue Oct 3 11:22pm
        The general construct of a cohesive society is crumbling. I too saw a breakdown in morals when in junior and senior high school. These were schools in a wealthy county and most of the kids were from... more
    • May I state that this official pronouncement — PH👁👁EY, Tue Oct 3 10:38am