Mind and heart numbing. Symptom.
Tue Oct 3, 2017 10:55am

I can't begin to wrap my mind around this with the slightest sense of resolution. Things happening in this country aren't causes of the decay, but rather symptoms of it.

People pointed to Obama, saying he was ruining the country. People point to Trump saying the same thing. Their elections, these killings, police violence, protests etc are symptoms of a rot consuming us for a long, insidious time. As a teacher I saw it thirty years ago in my "classrooms," and remarked to beloved the peril towns, states, businesses and nation faced when that "generation" became adults. Well, there they are. Here we are.

The mass shooting is followed by mass politicization. People milk it for their cause because they can. Social media allows anyone and everyone to publish. The expressions of faulty thought are expressed with the same illiterate and poorly developed communication skills for which we flunked their sorry asses when they didn't work, try harder, gave a shit, or cared.

Used to be when a kid was threatened with an "F" in something- anything, he did anything to avoid it. The grade came with consequences. Get two F grades in anything, and you were retained to repeat the level. I watched education deteriorate to the point where kids who made no effort what so ever in anything, took home report cards with straight F grades, and there were no consequences. Parents didn't care. Kid was passed on because that became ritual, earned or not.

They're adults now. There is enough of them who vote to elect someone like Trump. Enough to ensure nomination of somebody like Hillary. People can't make ends meet on salaries paid.

We have in America, an unprecedented quantity and quality of stresses, rotting us from the inside out. They're responsible for election of somebody like Trump, and what happened in Las Vegas. Sadly that won't be the last, or the worst. It is the worst for now. Somebody is already planning to outdo it. One huge rot, the combination of a whole lot of little rots which virtually nobody "cuts out," because freedom means the choice to rot too.

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    • Mind and heart numbing. Symptom. — Pikes, Tue Oct 3 10:55am
      • I agree with most of your post.PH👁👁EY, Tue Oct 3 11:22pm
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