The US military hasn't TRULY been stressed
Tue Oct 3, 2017 11:10am

since WWII in terms of running EVERTHING they have to the max. Building weapons and vehicles as fast as possible, training recruits as fast as possible, pushing everything across the ocean as fast as possible.

Every major military has tiers of forces. You have front line active units with the best of everything and constant training. Then you have 2nd tier units which come to the front a little later made up of activated reservists and RECENTLY discharged active duty folks. Then they call up older reservists and folks with less recent experience and form third tier units.

The National Guard and the Reserves will all be activated and deployed forward.

Most likely the militias will be home front forces. Local forces. I think it is unlikely that they would be folded into front line combat units and sent forward.

Title 10 of the US code divides the "Militia" into two groups. The "Organized Militia" IS the National Guard. The "Unorganized Militia" is defined as every male between 17 and 45 who is NOT a member of the National Guard. There USED to be formal STATE Guard forces out there that the unorganized militia fell under. There are even a few shell organizations left I think. These are STATE forces that do NOT shift to federal control under Title 10.

As to your 'variety of ammunition concern' there is a reason why MOST militiamen carry an AR type rifle. It shares ammunition and magazines with US and other NATO forces.

And while a modern commander might certainly PREFER to have a new levee of fully trained and experienced troops with seasoned NCO's and officers coming with them, in a total war scenario like WWII was, beggars can't be choosers.

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    • The US military hasn't TRULY been stressed — Sprout, Tue Oct 3 11:10am
    • Given the incredible high tech dmpowermentPH☠☠EY, Tue Oct 3 10:46am
      to the push button warriors, and the incredible massive destruction including conventional weapons, your post has the slight pallor of an antique concept. A responding militia in your scenario is... more
      • Yeah, that's what I saidJeeves, Tue Oct 3 10:58am
        " A responding militia in your scenario is passť, and irrelevant. " Exactly.
        • Different roles though...Sprout, Tue Oct 3 11:36am
          If we look at total war scenario's there are plenty of jobs that won't need front line troops, but would be better done by someone with a rifle who knows how to do it.