I don't have to prove that because I didn't say that....
Tue Oct 3, 2017 12:17pm

Your have failed.

  • You Failed: 1. To Prove Feinstein BelievesMerlin, Tue Oct 3 12:16pm
    that seizure of all firearms from everyone by the Government is the desired end state. 2. I said "Nations have changed their laws regarding firearms to be more restrictive, banning and requiring the... more
    • I don't have to prove that because I didn't say that.... — Sprout, Tue Oct 3 12:17pm
      • Dianne Feinstein's proposal of taking CERTAIN firearms. His premise was governmental confiscation of ALL FIREARMS FROM ALL AMERICANS, not "certain firearms", which is what DF proposed. He's tried to... more
        • law were the ONLY remarks she has made on the broader topic of privately owned firearms. I do not because I HAVE heard her discuss the broader topic. But I guess if you insist that an example given... more
          • prove. That would be like making one of your evil assumptions. Then you're apparently arguing since she MIGHT say something like that in the future, THAT makes you right. Truly bizarre and sloppy... more
          • You Remain in a Status of FAILMerlin, Wed Oct 4 12:18pm
            because after having meticulously Googled yesterday, you failed to find even a single bona fide quote to support what you allegedly heard Diane Feinstein say.