As far as I know....
Tue Oct 3, 2017 2:53pm

there is no rule in the NFL about standing for the national anthem. Tradition, yes... rule, no. Perhaps the owners of the individual teams could make such a rule... I don't know. But again, kneeling in front of the flag as opposed to standing does not necessarily show disrespect for the flag or the country.

Now, some of the things President Trump has and continues to say has shown a great deal of disrespect for the office which he holds and the country and the people which he supposedly serves and gets paid for doing so. IMO, he should be fired for the disrespect and disgrace he has brought on himself and the country he is supposed to represent and serve.

  • Sort of....Sprout, Tue Oct 3 10:04am
    When one is acting in the role of an employee, especially when uniformed in their employers colors/uniforms/etc, I do think that the employer DOES have a right to some say in limiting speech under... more
    • That is NOT the topic of this discussion.Sia☺giah, Tue Oct 3 6:24pm
      NO ONE disputes that employers can limit free speech by putting future employment on the line. However, NOTHING I posted had ANYTHING to do with that argument. It was SPECIFICALLY about Left vs Right ... more
    • As far as I know.... — wondering, Tue Oct 3 2:53pm
      • Yes, he should be "fired", but that is NOT the topic of (nm)discussion... Sia☺giah, Tue Oct 3 6:32pm
      • I have heard some folks say that there is a rule... And while for some sitting or kneeling or standing with a fist raised, or some other behavior than the TRADITIONAL posture does not necessarily... more
        • didn't you read the damned thing?
        • I agreewondering, Tue Oct 3 3:34pm
          They certainly could make a rule. That doesn't mean that they have to. And they could fire players who break the rules. If people don't like the rules or behavior that they see, they don't have to... more
          • A proposal Pikes, Tue Oct 3 4:33pm
            A man will tell his barber things he won't tell anyone else. Not even his wife. Same goes for a bartender. Trump doesn't drink. However he and Kim Jong Oon have a fondness for their barbers.... more