A proposal
Tue Oct 3, 2017 4:33pm

A man will tell his barber things he won't tell anyone else. Not even his wife. Same goes for a bartender. Trump doesn't drink. However he and Kim Jong Oon have a fondness for their barbers. Obviously. So here's the proposal.

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un exchange barbers for three months. Call it a cultural exchange, as well as a much needed humorous lift for their subjects. Nothing would amuse me more than to see Un's barber apply the Oon doo onto Cheetolini. Trump's barber could render Oon with that giant magpie nest Trump wears.

Both barbers could have a press conference at the conclusion of their exchange, bringing North Korea and America to a better understanding through barbershop diplomacy. Imagine the Trump-Oon discovery of what they have in common, beginning with a barber with a sense of humor?

  • I agreewondering, Tue Oct 3 3:34pm
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    • A proposal — Pikes, Tue Oct 3 4:33pm