HAS limitations they impose... Sia☺giah
Very true. Freedom of speech, according to different sides,
Tue Oct 3, 2017 6:31pm

NONE of which make ANY SENSE when push comes to shove.

Those whining about the NFL protest are vindictively PUNISHING football players and teams for exercising their freedom of speech, while the very same people are FURIOUS that freedom of speech is being denied to some on college campuses. That's the so-called "right wing" position.

Reverse it and you've got the so-called "left wing" position.

The cognitive dissonance required to mentally "make it work" is mind boggling. Either we have freedom of speech, or we don't. It doesn't fly when certain groups insist that only those who speak in terms THEY like should be free to have their say, but others whose free speech offends them, should be denied theirs.


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    • Very true. Freedom of speech, according to different sides, — HAS limitations they impose... Sia☺giah, Tue Oct 3 6:31pm